Z-wave Popp Outdoor wall plug switch - anyone?

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is there anyone who successfully use a Z-wave Popp outdoor wall plug switch with Openhab?
I intend to let it switch my outdoor valve for my terrasse irrigation.
Thanks in advance.

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I used the indoor version and found it rather unreliable.
Currently both my switches are sent back under warranty.

Thank you very much, @Spaceman_Spiff,
I read something like that on Amazon.
So I will figure out how to use my reliable Fibaro Wall plug instead.

You could use a relay-actuator and put it in an IP65 housing.
I am very pleased with the widom energy driven switch,
but I guess every one would work.

I did something similar when I needed a high amperage 240V zwave controllable outlet. Used a 120V contactor (about $9 on Amazon) plus an aeon smart switch (about $25). Wired it all into a metal junction box using the output from the smart switch as the trigger for the contactor. Works great! Only problem is the smart switch says it’s only using about 0.1W when it’s on, which is both true and simultaneously ludicrous.

I would like to revive this thread.
How about these:

They are compatible with Alexa and such and I wonder if I could integrate them with http GET or similar as well (no google / Alexa / IFTTT)