Z-wave radiator thermostat - Devolo 9356 or Popp POPE010101

I plan to buy a small quantity of z-wave radiator thermostats to experiment with. The two above are available at an acceptable price.

Using OpenHAB on Raspberry Pi with Aeotec z-stick. Need thermostats that can be operated via z-wave and locally, quiet in operation, good battery life, reliable. Reporting current temp and target is nice to have.

Is there anything to choose between them?

I guess both are identically “Danfoss LC-13” thermostats, but having the advantage that additionally local temp is sent.
I have two or three of them and are working fine.
As they are battery powered the wakeup time should be set to about 20 to 30min.
If you need a faster reaction you should have a look on the Eurotronics Spirit having FLIRS.

You have two or three including the Develo and Popp?

I had read reports that the Eurotronics Spirit is noisy in operation.

I have all together 6 thermostats, 2x Eurotronic, 1x LC-13 and 3x Devolo, but no Popp.
You are right, the Eurotronic are a bit louder.
For a bedroom I would prefer the Devolos, but this of course depends on how sensitive someone is.

Thanks. I’ll start with Devolo thermostats for bedroom use and consider the Eurotronics for common spaces.