Z-wave relays or virtual zwave switch

I’m trying to fully integrate my Alarm.com GoControl2 alarm system into my openhab/zwave setup. Unfortunately, alarm.com does not provide any API, so I’m trying to find the best way to get the status of the alarm system and sensor activity into openhab.

The GoControl panel can act as a zwave controller of it’s own, and I can set up rules to turn zwave devices in its network on/off based on sensor activity and alarm state.

Is there a zwave device that can appear as multiple zwave switches (multiple channels on a single physical device) and each switch controls a relay that I can connect to GPIO on a RPI? I’d probably want 8+, since I’ll need a separate channel for each thing that I want to track, such as alarm state, door sensors, doorbell, etc. Alternatively, is there a way to use a second RPI with its own zstick to act as a set of virtual devices?

I’m open to any and all ideas.