Z-Wave rule action `fadingLightControl` or similar available?

Hi there,

I´m currently trying to extend the range of my small Z-Wave network to reach some more coverage to place my motion sensors at the ceiling.
I was thinking about a range extender but that would block a socket and has the same price as a main powered Z-Wave equipment.
My next option is a Aeotec LED bulb 6 multi-color.
There´s already a lamp with a Philips hue bulb in the hallway that i could replace.

Now comes the tricky part…
I´m using the fadingLightCommand Action that is available for the hue binding.

Does Z-Wave offer something similar to fade the lights on slowly?
I couldn´t find any information in the binding docs as it´s more like a general Z-Wave description.
Or would i need to use a rule that adds one percent brightness per second until the brightness i want is reached?
I do know that the Aeotec LED bulb has a fading between color feature, but i don´t see any hints for a ramp on or ramp off feature.

kind regards

The Aeotec LED bulb 6 multi-color arrived today and i had some time to play around.
There´s no rule action to do a fading adhoc.
This can only be controlled by the parameter 16 in the Thing.

From the manual:
Parameter 16: Ramp rate when dimming using Multilevel Switch V1 CC in 100ms
Ramp rate when dimming using Multilevel Switch V1 CC in 100msValue range = 0x00 -0x64
Size: 1 Byte, Default Value: 20

Setting Description
0 - 100 Specifying the ramp rate when dimming using Multilevel Switch V1 CC in 100ms

Now there´s an information that is missing in the openHAB docs.
Parameter 16 is an Integer value in 100ms.

To answer my own question:
No, there´s nothing like fadingLightControl for Z-Wave lights.
Yes, there´s something similiar (atleast for the Aeotec bulb) to let the light fade between changes.