Z-Wave same device id multiple version

Hello @chris ,

I just updated the device database but I’m not really sure how to handle this case, I have two different PIR sensors reporting the same device id but a different hardware version one has support for a temperature sensor and the other does not.

I attached both node xml’s and edited the device database entry

node16.xml (12.4 KB)
node5.xml (12.3 KB)

Please let me know it you need something else.

Hi Martin,
I hate it when manufacturers do this :frowning: . In my reading of the zwave standard, this isn’t meant to be done, but there are a couple of examples of this.

There are 2 ways we can cope with this in the database - one is to create a superset of channels (in this case just to have the one with the temperature sensor I guess). The other is to use the firmware version - assuming there’s a difference?

In this case, the hardware version, firmware version etc are all the same, so there’s really no way to differentiate the two devices, and therefore the only option is to have a single device with the temperature channel included…



I just opened planned to open a dispute because I expected a different device I id as well. Was my change correct for the scenario you described?

Yes, I think it looks ok. I’ll do an update tomorrow and we can see how it looks :slight_smile: