Z-Wave scenes (with Fibaro fgr-223

Hello everyone,

I have seen in the documentation for my Fibaro fgr-223 roller shutter controller that it has something called scenes, that are activated by clicking the hardware buttons multiple times. The manual does not tell me much more though:


The parameters are available in Paper UI

Then there is a channel called Scene Number.

What I want to achieve is that on any rollershutter in the living area I can double press the S1 button and then all the rollershutters in the living area go up. (Same with down for the S2 button). Am I on the right track that that is possible with scenes? How do I do that?

an entry in items such as

Number Szenenschalter_Saeule "Szenenschalter Säule Essen/Wohnen"            <switch>        (Szenen)                                        { channel="zwave:device:dddxxxxx:node59:scene_number" }

and a rule

rule "Saeule doppelt"
        Item Szenenschalter_Saeule received update 24

Ok, I have set parameter 40 and 41 to 2, which means that sending of scene id for a double click is activated. I have also defined an item as number and linked the channel scene_number to it. With the first double click the value of that item went from undefined to 1, so something is happening. But no matter what I do now, double click S1, S2, moving the rollershutter by command or button, the value stays at 1.
What are the possible values that scene_number can have?

The values from the manual (15, … like 25 for a double-click IIRC). So either you misconfigured something or maybe you need to restart or reset the device.