Z-Wave Security Device Secondary Controller issue

I have a Honeywell Tuxedo touch, OH 2.2 on RaspberryPi with Z-wave binding 2.3 (Chris Jackson - Feb 25 test release date), and Aeon Gen 5 Z Stick. My Honeywell Tuxedo is currently a secondary controller and my OH2/ZStick is primary. I have successfully included my kwikset 912 door handle with the OH2 and it syncs to my Honeywell Tuxedo Touch okay. I can control the door handle perfectly fine through OH2. However, when I try to control the kwikset door handle from my tuxedo it doesnt work and i get a failed status on the tuxedo.

Has anyone successfully controlled a security inclusion device like a kwikset 912 via the secondary controller?

Is there something special that needs to be done? I have a few light switches that work perfectly fine with the OH2 and Secondary Tuxedo controller.

Did you get any luck here? I have spent many many hours trying to do the opposite an dkeep the Tuxedo as Primary and try to make the OH2 as secondary without luck.

Hi David,

I gave up on trying to get the Tuxedo to work with OH2 as a zwave controller with primary/secondary relationships. I figured OH2 was going to be superior due to the options available, so I stopped using Tuxedo for its z wave functions. I actually ended up building my own custom binding/connector to get the alarm/zone alerts to OH2. It also allows me to disarm/arm the security system as well. I had to do a bit of custom configuration on my openhabianpi to get it to work, but it works pretty well for my needs.


I ended up using a windows software with the Z-stick to add the stick to the Tuxedo, this gave me the network security key as well. So far they work ok together.

I suspect you added an IP interface on the vista? would that be correct for hitting the binding? I’d love to scrape the log entries on the tuxedo, but it does not seem to offer that screen over the http api.