Z-Wave - Stationary Controller

I’m moving my z-wave network from a RPi 2 with an Aeon Z-stick (Gen 2) running openHAB 1.7 to a Pine 64 with the Pine Z-wave adapter running openHAB 2.0. I have nearly 40-devices so I only want to do this once.

In my old setup I used a Aeon Z-stick to add devices to the network. I would remove the controller from the USB port, put it in inclusion mode and then walk to the new devices and add them. Most of the devices were added to the controller even before I moved to openHAB from LinuxMCE. With the new setup the Z-wave controller is permanently on the Pine 64 and stationary. Some of my devices tell me to bring the controller to the devices to add them (e.g. In wall dual relay and alarm sounder). My understanding is that these are needing to be added using the High/Full Power Inclusion mode. Unfortunately they are not very close to my Pine 64. Is there a workaround for this? Should I abandon the built in Pine 64 Z-wave and get an updated Z-Stick? Could I just move the Pine 64 within range, add the device and then move it back? While not ideal, I see it only necessary during the initial add of devices.

While I will not be thrilled doing so, I am at a point where I can abandon the Pine 64 Z-wave module and get a new Z-stick (my old one’s battery is dead). What I don’t want to do is start moving everything over and then find out that I need a different controller. **

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Why don’t you save time&money and keep using the Stick you have?
You will not need to reinclude all your devices this way. Worked for me when migrating from 1.8 to 2.0

My old Z-stick is gen 2 and the battery is dead.

Taek the Aeon Stick 5, very solid, backup and restore software available.

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Can someone confirm or deny that I am correct in my understanding that I’m out of luck with devices that cannot be paired by network inclusion mode unless I can bring my Pine64 in range of those devices?

I have a mix of some fairly older z-wave devices which would cost me a significant amount to replace. If it’s easier just to replace the controller and then just carry the controller around to pair, that’s fine.

I am under the impression that Gen 5 Z-Wave devices can be backed up and restored to a new device. If so, would that mean that I could backup the Pine64 controller and move to a Aeon controller if I find the need in the future?

That would be nice. But as far as I know (and I used it myself) the backup and restore software from Aeon only works with the Z-Stick Gen5.