Z-Wave stick + Danfoss RXZ2 channel; switch (Central Heating)

Great! I am stuffed.
So it’s a “return to sender” ? as the great King sung

What is the name of this type of device on your database? I’m looking for a 2channel HW/CH “programmer” - as they were called - but in Z-wave prob have a specific name/type? A company called “Secure” sell switches here but they are not on your db. Danfoss is a big name in HVAC though. Don’t understand this. sigh

Do you have any other Z-Wave devices?
Perhaps the controller is defective, assuming the controller & devices are for the correct (same) world region.

Good thought.
I checked the SKU code on the controller and it is EU/UK compatible. It is also listed as compatible with OpenHab.

I could go WiFi with this but not sure if that will work in OH though
Mind you, I just need the receiver (Drayton WT724R1S0902)

AH-HA !!! GOT IT. The bloody bugger. I moved the Pi to within 3 feet of the switch on the ground floor. Worked within seconds now,

Grrr - I cannot upload the file (too big) but I have chopped a lot out , nor can I paste it here. Tried to figure out where the new node (node 3) starts communicating and to the point where association ends and it searches the db, but when I chop out lines before/after it is still too big.! Damm.

OH Thing discovery complains about the device not being fully configured - this is as expected with it not being in your db.

Anyway, it did now create the XML for node 3 (Danfoss switch). Here is the XML, can you do without the zwave,log? I cannot upload the XML to the Device Database, when I log in, I do not see the Green “tools” button, I can only search. Logged out , logged in - same. Refreshed browser. Same. So dunno folks? and yes, I did create a ticket :slight_smile:

network_e72762f2__node_3.xml (11.8 KB)

Right, I can sleep now! Glad this was progressed and thanks for all the help guys, I cant believe that the Dnafoss is directly underneath on the lower floor, about 12 feet away. Ah well.

Chris is likely in bed. I think the xml looks good.
I will quickly review this thread and try to start a database entry before I retire for the evening.

EDIT: We have a start but more work is needed.


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@tillykeats, you are the only one with a manual (I could not find one online either), so please add the missing information to the database.
If you are not comfortable with that, please scan the zwave relevant parts from the manual and post it here.

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I cannot run the XML on your db , i dont have permission.

… and, the manual mentions 433Mhz operating frequency, my controller is 800Mhz or similar and they are communicating?

That is because that is not a zwave manual. Danfoss makes thermostats that use other frequencies too.
We need the information from their zwave manual to complete the database entry. Not all the needed information can be obtained directly from the device.

mmm, it’s not the manual i have, but it is the only one i cam find on their site.

what do you want to know and I’ll upload the pages from my manual. you don’t need every page and theres a lot

I gave you access a few hours ago now when you initially asked so there should be no problem.

Since the entry has bee created, the xml is no longer needed. The needed information is usually in the manual for the zwave device.

No, but he will still need to log on to input the information, and if he can’t do that, then he won’t be able to do this either.

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As I said earlier, please scan your paper manual for the zwave parts and post it (you may even use images as jpg or whatever and I will convert this to a pdf).
But we need a manual to bring this to a successful database entry.


After looking at this thread, if I were in your position I would apologize to Chris for the hostile tone earlier.
As always, that is your choice but Chris is a very thorough, dedicated, and respected volunteer here.

Just some free advice. You can get your money back if you do not like it. :wink:

I almost unfollowed this thread to let you handle it in your misery. The volunteers here have too much else to do.


no no no
you’re reading it all wrong, calm down and take a time out

i am conveying my own stupidity in trying top associate the device when it was about 24 feet away, well in a line, and that i didn’t believe why i didn’t try this sooner. read it again and im not entering into another tittat .

Right guys
Ive got a bit of time to write without emotion.

What happened this week is that my boiler went down so I had a new one fitted (arggh who likes spending money) in situ. Whilst that was being installed I decided to go wireless, did some research and plummed for the Danfoss and a Z.me controller. I presumed it would be “pulg and play” with OpenHab which I had heard great things about. So I went shopping, wired it all in, installed OH “pressed GO”. Nothing. No Heating. No Hot Water. I could not reinstall the old kit because I had to rework internal house wiring and backplates for devices.

Anyway, it is about 6 Celsius this weekend, we have no running how water (bath, shower) 2 daughters and no room heating. You can imagine the arguments.

I have managed to put the entire system in override (that was a pain) now my boiler fires all the time - but thats okay because the how water tank diverts hot water at stat temperature and the TRVs shut off at 16C when not under Z-wave control, and my boiler shuts down if there isnt a drop in return feed water temp. Anyway, it will do until OH Bindings can be updated.

I want to acknowledge and take ownership of any rude and disrespectful posts, and any offence i have caused - when all that you were trying to do was help. It just wasnt coming quick enough as you will appreciate , the houisehold arguments were amazing!

Thank you once again and standby for scans of the manual.

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I havw twice tried to upload these as files but the system is uploading inline images and not in the order I selected them ???

Any good?

Understood, I couldnt run it through at the time , then went to bed, and when I awoke it seems the entry had been raised with more info from me needed. Hope the manual is good enough?

It looks readable but, unfortunately not much information for configuring, I will try to make a ldf manual from it and enter what information I can.

Thank you again. Sorry for the stress at home. We have all experienced similar situations.