Z-Wave - Support for Fibaro Single Switch FGS214 (FGS-214)

Hello guys,

I would like to get the Fibaro Single Switch (FGS-214) installed. In the things supported list, I can find an entry for the Fibaro Single Switch (FGS213), but nothing for the FGS214. Fibaro Double Switch (FGS-224) has however an entry.

Has anyone of you the Fibaro Single Switch (FGS-214) working with Z-Wave and the latest version of OpenHAB?

Thank you.

As to be expected, the Z-Wave product identifiers for FGS214 and FGS213/FGS224 differ:

FGS214: 0x0404:0x1000, 0x0404:0x3000, 0x0404:0x4000
FGS213: 0x0403:0x1000, 0x0403:0x2000, 0x0403:0x3000, 0x0403:0x6000
FGS224: 0x0204:0x1000, 0x0204:0x3000, 0x0204:0x4000

Therefore the FGS214 must be added to the Z-Wave database as a new device. Please follow the instructions in the Z-Wave Database Guide.

As @bjsjr pointed out, the FGS-214 is included in the Z-Wave database:

What Z-Wave product identifier is your switch?

I see an entry from 2021 in the Z-Wave database for the FGS214 but it is missing the last identifier as posted by @anon71759204, 0x0404:0x4000.

If that’s the identifier of your unit then all that has to be done is to add that to the current entry, assuming there have been no changes to parameters.


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Thanks for your answers. I did not buy the product, but with all the things I am not familiar with, I went for some Heat-It relay.