Z-Wave Switch-Key Recommendation

Is there any battery powered Switch-Key Recommendation for Z-Wave? I am using e.g. a Fibaro Switch module but the Switch-Key has to be placed on a different position. Already searched the forum but posts are mostly old. The only thing I found so far is the
Schwaiger ZHS03 Funk-Wandschalter https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B00X4F9QZS

what is a “Switch-Key” ?? I don’t understand your question.

Looking for the correct translation of german “Taster”, so switch was not specific enough for me and this is what I found :wink:

Fibaro modules (which? FGS-223?) allow for attaching 2 lines towards the switch so you can attach any switch HW.
You can configure the Fibaro devices if the attached switch is bi-stable or mono-stable (a “Taster” is a mono-stable switch).
So you have gazillions of choices. I still don’t understand what’s your problem there ?

Fibaro and other manufacturers offer a variety of different switches for different applications. So I guess still more requirements are needed :wink:
Do you want to have it behind your wall switches to send the “click” to your Z-Wave controller?
Or do you want a button you can i stall somewhere like a normal wall switch but including the front cover?
Do you want a simple transmitter you can connect to some kind of electronics? (e.g. a small PCB)
Or would you like some battery powered remote switch you can use like a TV remote?
How many switching channels would you like to use?
Does the switch also need to electrically switch loads? (And if so, how many Amps?)

Similar to what you have linked, I’m using the FGS-223 mentioned by Markus behind my wall switches so I have the same look of my “Schalterserie”.

Thank you for your answers.

I am searching for a switch that is not wired to the fibaro switch, so ideally it would be some battery powered device - like a remote that is mounted on a wall, or fibaro “The Button” but use in a classic Unterputzdose.

This would be ideal, yes

You can also put another Fibaro FGS there (or any other ZWave actuator to have a binary input).
Simply don’t attach any load so your switch will act as only that: a switch that if triggered sends a command to OH.
You won’t want battery powered devices if power is available nearby.

But why don’t you wire it to the existing module ? You will want to directly switch the load so it works even if OH is down, don’t you ?
If no then I don’t understand why you said you have a Fibaro module because that’s totally unrelated then.

Unfortunately at the place where the switch should be mounted there is no (working) wire.

Sorry, I don’t have any battery powered wall switches in use. So I can’t recommend a specific device.
If you are open do DIY you could go with the Fibaro FBGS-001 and a 9V battery.
It gets cheaper if you connect the standard wall switch parallel to the reed contact of a Z-Wave window sensor, but then you

  • loose the warranty
  • need to have enough space to hide it in the wall
  • have to be aware that the state change from open to closed represents the button push.

Have you considered EnOcean? I would love it for your kind of application as you won’t need to open the switch for battery change.

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As far as I understand, you are searching for Z-Wave Wall-Switches. Search for “Funkwandschalter” or “Wandsender” in german language. You can associate the Fibaro Switch to such devices. Most of these battery powered devices cannot be integrated into standard mounting frames of common manufactors like Merten, Kopp or Gira. The Popp Funk-Wandsender can be integrated, but in my opinin this device is not very good. You do not have a real switch feeling, and I often have to push hard to get it work.

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Maybe something like the Remotec ZRC-90 Zwave Scene Controller? Gives you six zwave buttons in a battery powered wall / remote. I have only just ordered two so cannot give any further details but it seems simple enough.

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I think you can use a Fibaro door window sensor and wire up the terminals inside to the switch(can be momentary or bistable).

Attached manual

Using the potential free input and not using the magnet.

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This is a great idea, but I am not sure which part would be maybe compatible to existing standard mounting frame switch?

And just to make sure: In this case I would have to add another USB Stick to my openhabian, correct?

I just did a quick research on “Enocean UP Sender” and found some modules called thermokon easysens fitting for Jung or Busch-Jäger. If you spend some time you’ll probably be able to find more / cheaper products.

Yes, you will need another module to communicate with EnOcean devices.
You need to judge yourself if the advantages outweigh the additional cost for you. I assume it only makes sense if you’re having the same issue in multiple rooms or consider adding battery-less door/window sensors to your setup.

Edit: I just found a topic describing how to make your own EnOcean WiFi Gateway. I.e. you could place the gateway anywhere within WiFi range and also not use another USB-port (if this was a concern). Thanks to @Techserv-krY for this nice job. =)

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I’ve read that the Fibaro Swipe can be hidden in the wall. Is that what your looking for? https://www.fibaro.com/de/products/swipe/

You are definetly looking for a zwave.me wall controller. Its battery lasts a very long time and it works like a charm with OH. The only bad point is the little rickety haptic.