Z-Wave Thermostat CT100 Plus - Not in OH2 local database

I recently added a Radio Thermostat CT-100 Plus to my z wave network, not the old CT-100. However it shows up as a unknown device in the logs, and it will not create any channels. I verified that the z wave binding is the latest snapshot 2.2, and tried the inclusion/exclusion multiple times with no change. Also verified that Openhab is creating the xml file for it. I found the CT-100 and CT-100 Plus in the online database at CD-jackson.com, but the CT-100 Plus is not showing up in my local database. Has anyone been successful in getting this newer thermostat to show up in OH2?

Is it battery powered or mains powered?

If it is battery powered you need to wake it up several times for OH to recognize it.

Beyond that, I’ve no advice.

I thought that too, but it is powered all the time with the C-wire from the furnace. In my Habmin, under supported Thing Types, I dont see this particular device listed. However I do see all the other Radio Thermostats listed. My understanding is that the z wave device needs to be in this local database to work. Am I wrong to assume this?

Can you define exactly what you mean, or provide the log entry you are talking about?

What does HABmin or PaperUI show? What is showing in the device properties/attributes?

Sure, I can get you all the log information tonight when I get home. I remember specifically in the logs that it said it was not recognized as a thing type.



It looks fine - I would just make sure that you are running the absolute latest version and it should work ok.

I think I have it working now. I verified multiple times that I was running the latest snapshot, but for some reason it still wasn’t updating the local database. The only thing I could think of is that I have been doing all the updating through the openhabian configuration utility. Last night I decided to try updating the addons through command line using Openhab’s instructions. Once it completed, all the channels magically appeared for that thermostat. I guess just because everything says you are on the latest build doesn’t necessarily mean that you are. I hope this helps anyone running Openhab on Openhabian. Thanks Chris.

There is no “local database” - only the binding. The database is included inside the binding which is why it’s important to use the latest version.

Anyway, sounds like you’re heading in the right direction :slight_smile: .