Z-wave transfer from Fibaro to Openhab

Good morning,

I am a beginner and hope you can help me.
I have a lot of items (more than 50) like roller shutters, switches etc. in my Fibaro HC2 systems. As I am not really satisfied with the HC2 I want to change the system and want to start with Openhab. I am wondering if it is possible to transfer the z-wave grid respectively the items (modules) from the HC2 to Openhab. I want to avoid to remove each single item from the HC2 z-wave grid and to include it again to the new openhab grid. This would be a hell of work.
Has someone an idea how to do it? It would really help me.
Greetings from Hamburg

Good morning.

I have tagged this thread as z-wave It appears your old system is a hub. When I moved my Z=Wave items to OH it was easier because I used a USB stick as a controller and had no secure devices.

Here is my best guess for your situation. If you need to totally get rid of the hub I see no way other than excluding & re-including each device but you may be able to avoid having todo i all at once.

You may be able to set up MQTT on your hub to a mosquitto bridge and use MQTT to connect your existing network to OH, permitting you to set up Items, modeling, UI, and rules on OH. After adding a Z-Wave USB stick and the binding, you could migrate individual devices to the stick You then only need to change the Item links and be working on the new network with that Item,

Perhaps there are other ideas.

It depends on HC2 hardware.
Can you physically move the zwave controller or copy its contents to a new controller ?