Z-wave unknown device connected, no XML file

Hello @chris,

I have a Z-Wave device which is not in the database, but unfortunately my openhab didn’t manage to generate the XML file.

My device : Smart Smoke Detector
Brand : Heiman Technology Co. Ltd
Model : HS3SA-Z

This is a new version of this device : HS1SA-Z

I have 2 of them paired to a Aeon Lab Z-Stick USB, on node 6 and 7.

I Platform information:

  • Hardware: Aeon Labs Z-stick, RasPi 4 (4go)
  • OS: Raspbian 10 (Buster)
  • openhab-distro : 2.5.3
  • openhab-core : 2.5.0
  • openhab1-addons : 1.14.0
  • openhab2-addons : 2.5.3
  • karaf : 4.2.7


PS : Here some startup log, please let me know what I can do/provide to help.
openhab.log (110.3 KB)

Chris is on vacation.
If there are no xml files the devices are not fully discovered. Battery devices usually need to be woken up many times for device discovery to complete.

The database guide is here.

Thanks @Bruce_Osborne, I will check that.