Z-Wave USB Device under Windows


I have recently tried to use a Z-Wave USB controller under Windows, in order to set up a Z-wave network.

I have tried two different USB sticks (Cyrus Z-Wave USB Stick and Aecotec USB Stick) , both Z-wave compatible and both showd up in my Openhab configuration under “Things” where I was able to set the correct Com port as described in the Z-wave binding.
The installation of the Stick under Windows was no problem at all and I have tried the “std. windows driver” as well as an additional UZB.inf driver.

After this configuration, bothUSB stick (Z-Wave controller) showed up as “Online”.

So far so good, afterwards I tried to look for new Z-Wave devices and I put all of my three devices:

  • Fibaro Motion sensor
  • Fibaro double switch
    -Coolcam wall pug

via triple click into pairing mode.

Unfortunately, nothing showed up and no device was detected.

Does anybody has a setup with a Z-Wave network that is working properly under Windows.

Any feedback on this topic is very much appreciated.

Do you have both USB devices in your PC at the same time?
Have your tried pairing the devices with the Aeotec stick by taking the stick out and using the battery powered stand alone pairing mode?
Did you do a execute or reset of devices prior to inclusion?
I am using the Aeotec stick Gen 5 in my Windows 7 pc without problems.

I have a windows 10 64 setup with USB ZWave stick and Fibaro devices.
I have no issues getting them to pair; even if they are opposite sides of the house.
I make sure openHAB is searching for new Zwave devices then triple click the inclusion button on the device.

Yes, I do. There is no problem with Windows and Z-Wave at all.

Both usb Devices Werra installed one after the other.

When I was not able to get the Cyrus to work I exchanged with the aecotec.

This means:

  1. Install under windows (com3 serial device in my case)
  2. Install Binding Z Wave
  3. Install new thing and set the com3 port
  4. Inbox search…?

This is unfortunately not working.

At the time of searching for new devices, I triple click on the Fibaro device.

The System is Windows10 Pro, openHAB 2.3 and additional I use the Innogy SmartHome binding, the homematic binding.

Are the settings under the com port relevant?
Stopbit, speed, parity etc.?

Do I need to install
Anything else then the windows usb serial driver…?

Dear Rolf,

I have not tried the pairing via battery. I will try this tomorrow, once it is fully charged. Do you have a small Description how to do this…?


If you have a working setup, can you post the settings you have on your usb stick in OpenHAB and maybe the windows settings?


Sure, see the user manual:

There is not much setup. You just need the USB driver for Windows (you wrote it is working) and you need to specify the COM Port in OpenHab (you wrote you did). That is it.
Are you sure that the other devices are not perhaps already included with another Z-Wave Stick? Just reset them (follow the manual of each device to do so) and then try to inlcude them again with OH. I do this with habmin by clicking

After that you should get a notification like this:

In this moment start the inlcusion mode of the Z-Wave device (i.e. click 3 times on a button or whatever the instruction tells you). Shortly afterwards the device should pop up in the Inbox.

Dear vossi,
Thank you for your detailed feedback. I will try this tomorrow morning!


Good morning,

I finally have it running! The problem was, that the Z Wave devices where borrowed for a test of my colleague, so I needed to reset the equipment first, as they were paired with the controller of my colleague.

After that, the equipment showed up fine.

The idea for this came after the hint from Rolf, who asked whether I tried to pair the equipment without the USB stick plugged into the PC, as this can be used also battery powered!

Thank you for your support!


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