Z-wave---Various Frequencies

I believe z-wave uses a standard frequency of 908.42 MHz in the US. But I see references to z-wave on 2gig, vivint, and Honeywell using 345 MHz and perhaps others on 433 MHz.
Am I confused?
If for example 2gig claims z-wave but uses 345 MHz is it just the frequency that changes or are there other changes to the communications?


ZWave doesn’t use these frequencies. It does use other frequencies in different parts of the world, but always around the 900MHz band (eg 868, 915…).

I could have been more specific. For example the 2gig GC2 panel spec says it has z-wave which means 908.42 MHz. It says nothing about other frequencies but it is also compatible with 10 or 15 devices with “345” in the model number which implies it also has a 345 MHz transceiver.

Other hubs also have similar specs. or implied specs.

Does OH have ways of integrating all of these?

OH will work with pretty much all ZWave devices so long as you get the ones for your region (which are normally the only ones sold in your region, so you should be fine - you just need to be careful if you buy from abroad on eg Alibaba).

I don’t know what the 345 in the model means, but it will not be the frequency.

Honeywell has some security sensors which operate at 345 MHz and other security systems such as DSC have sensors which work in the 433MHZ frequency. So my guess is the Vivent panel can read from the other non-ZWave devices too.

I integrate with some 433 MHz devices with OpenHab using a 433MHz SDR and MQTT, along with zwave and a DSC alarm panel. So yes OpenHab can work with most of what you are looking for, along with ZWave.

For sure there are plenty of other devices out there that work on different frequencies, but they will not be ZWave devices as ZWave only uses frequencies around 868-915MHz, which is what the question was asking.

Well, it has been over a year since I started this topic. Time for an update.
The short answer is the panel uses 345 MHz for getting status from the door sensors, window sensors, smoke, heat, and CO detectors.

It uses Z-Wave to communicate to other devices. In my case, a thermostat and door lock.

In fact, I have duplicated the security system in my home. I uses all the existing sensors including, door, window, smoke/heat, etc. Using OpenHAB it can do everything the existing system did except call the police. It does send a text and email about 6 seconds after a breach. I plan to add the option of calling the police in the future.

It is in the DACSS repository on GitHub. (I hope… I’m new to this stuff).

DACSS = Duplicate A Commercial Security System