Z-Wave WakeUp Devices and Security

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I am new to OpenHAB so please excuse my question - at the moment I can not just try out.

Do you have experience with Z-Wave WakeUp devices and the SECURITY-Class. I want to use various Z-Wave Plus devices which offer the SECURITY-Class - these are all WakeUp devices and somehow security sensitive: CO-Sensor, Motion-Sensor, Smoke-Sensor, Keyfobs etc.

Does S0-Security work smoothly in relation to WakeUp Devices (I am not talking about FLIRS and main powered devices)? I know that there will be more use of airtime and potential collisions etc. but is it working all over in a robust manner?

I am asking because at the moment I am using another smart home software where the implementation is not robust in this field. So I am interested if it is a general challenge or if it is “just” the implementation.

I did not find good information in the forum by searching.

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To the best of my knowledge, most people on the forum are using security just for entry control devices (i.e. door locks).

From my reading of several forum posts, those who are using security for battery-powered non-FLIRS devices seem to have the most trouble with the initial secure inclusion. I suspect that’s because of the time limit on the secure inclusion process, and the need to wake the device up enough times so the inclusion can complete within the time limit.

Hopefully those who are using security for more than just locks can chime in here with some additional details.

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Thank you Mark. This is already helpful. Hopefully we’ll get some more insights from the users. For me it is elementary that no one can easily manipulate the function of a CO / Smoke Detector - hopefully I am not the only one :slight_smile:

I also should note that the maintainer of the zwave binding is excellent. Should you run into any issues that are related to the zwave binding software or the device database, he’s quite good at getting those sorted out.

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This is also very good to know - thanks. I am sure he is. I already read some posts of him.