Z-Wave Wall plug: Fibaro FGWPF-101 vs. FGWPF-102

Hi all!

I have OH2 running on a Raspi3 since about 1,5 years with 4 thermostats (Eurotronic Spirit, Dafoss Living Connect).
Now it’s time to expand my Z-Wavve network. So i was looking for some devices to extend and came to the Fibaro wall plugs.
I found an 2nd hand offer but for the Version FGWPF-101.
I asked the Fibaro support for the difference and they told me that the only difference is in the firmware version.

Does anybody has (maybe both) of these plugs (FGWPF-101 and FGWPF-102) up and running?
Are there some troubles with the v101?

Thanks in advance,


Just a thought. Does our database show any differences? Many times configuration parameters are added with new firmware.

This is my oldest device and it is running great since five years.
In general, I can recommend Fibaro devices.

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