Z-Wave Wall Plug: Resetting Power Consumption Summary [SOLVED]


I was wondering whether it is possible to reset the power consumption of a Fibaro Wall Plug (setting it to zero again).

The following link is explaining it for a different system. I hope this is somehow also possible with openhab.


Thanks in advance.

I presume you are talking about the FGWPE (Fibaro Wall Plug) device? If so, according to the manual (Operating Manual Fibaro Wall Plug) the following procedure should do the trick:

To reset electricity consumption memory:
 a) Insert the Plug in a socket,
 b) Press and hold the B button for 5-10 seconds until LED ring
 glows green,
 c) Release the B button,
 d) Press the B button briefly.
Resetting electricity consumption memory will be signaled by
double, green, LED ring blink. Plug's relay won't change its status.

As far as I know, there is no way of doing this from the system side (i.e. from openHAB, HABmin, etc.)

Thanks for your answer.

Correct, this is about the FGWPE.

I was aware about this “workaround” but due to the fact that it can be
reset in other systems, I assume this should also be possible in openhab

Am Mittwoch, 14. Oktober 2015 schrieb Kjetil Asdal :

Ah! My german is not all that good, so I did not immediately catch the fact that from the linked thread someone has apparently indeed been able to reset the device from the system side. Looking againg at the Fibaro manual, I found the following statement (that is not very helpful, but does indeed hint at some possibility of doing this):

Some Z-Wave network controllers allow for resetting electricity consumption from controllers menu.

Looking further into the Z-Wave binding source code I found the folllowing that looks promising:

if ("true".equalsIgnoreCase(arguments.get("meter_reset")))

Piecing this together with a reference I found on the web, it seems that you should be able to do something like the following:

Switch		sReset		{ zwave="8:command=meter, meter_reset=true" }

This should reset the accumulated energy consumption of the device.

Ps! I have not tested it so no guarantees, :slight_smile:

I just tested the above on one of my own Fibaro Wall Plugs, and it seems to work just fine, :smile:

In the sitemap, when I move the switch from OFF to ON the Energy meter value in the device is reset to zero. About a second later the switch is automatically moved back to OFF (presumably by the device posting and update), so this works more or less like a momentary switch.

Sounds very good, I will implement it tonight.

Thanks for the help!

Am Mittwoch, 14. Oktober 2015 schrieb Kjetil Asdal :

Fantastic job, thank you :slight_smile: