Z-Wave ZMNHJD Qubino Flush Pilot

ZMNHJD Qubino Flush Pilot is not recognized by the ZWave binding.

As a dozen of them pilot the heating of my house, this is important for me.
I took a look to the CD Jackson device database and it sounds that XML has already been imported and the documentation is there.

Is there something more I can do or is it just waiting review ?

The configuration is not complete yet. It is still missing the association groups and the configuration parameters are also missing. I guess thats why @chris has not yet approved this configuration or he just missed it.

Probably I missed it as it doesn’t look like an “approval request” was sent. If people don’t do this, then I don’t get any notification so it relies on me spotting it!

However @jongj is right, the information isn’t complete, so you won’t be able to configure the device. It would be preferable to add the information.

You missed nothing Chris.
I have completed the information based on the documentation and issued an approval request.

Thanks - I’ll add that to the binding tonight…

I have a second model of the same device (the old Z-Wave one as the ZMNHJD is the Z-Wave+ one). I am going to add it it the database now.

Ok - does this have a different name, and different type/id, or do we need to handle this with a different version number?

It has a different name “ZMNHJA2”.
I am going to create a new device.

Ok - if ‘most’ of the configuration is the same, then you could copy it over from the other device. Since you can’t delete things, if something needs to be deleted, just change its label to “DELETE ME” or something, and I’ll delete it.

Many thanks for the “copy” trick !
The configuration and the association parameters are the same on both devices, so nothing more to do !

For reference…