Z-way-binding stopped working

My configuration is Raspi, z-way-server 2.3.8, Openhab2, Fibaro sensors.

The whole system worked till beginning of May. If the doors opens or the Fibaro sensors send some state changes, I can see acoording log entries in the z-way-server. However, the changes are not propagated to Openhab and the rules don’t fire.

The openhab log file states, that the z-way bridge is authenticated successfully. I have cleared the Openhab cache.

Has anyone experienced the same? Do you have some hints for me how to debug the problem?

Not really. I recall there were a couple of problems with recent z-way binding. I don’t know if they ever were resolved.
I’d recommend you move over to use the OH zwave binding instead of Z-Way.

In order to use the z-wave binding; do I have to exclude all z-wave devices from z-way-server and to include them in z-wave binding?

No, they remain stored in your Razberry controller.
Just run discovery from PaperUI or habmin to create things for your devices.