ZBPLM - *anyone* else have one and using it?

Preface this by saying I have an Insteon 2413U PLM on my home setup and love it. Very solid but I have another non Insteon PLM from SmartenIt that has Zigbee built it as well. I have successfully used it with their iSmartenIt software running on a Pi but was hoping to use it under OH. With the 2413U I typically pair devices with HouseLinc under a Windows VM then control with OH but the ZBPLM is not accessible with HouseLinc. Insteon-terminal connects but I can’t seem to get any info out of it. I’ll try manually pairing a device but I just want to see if anyone else has one and is successfully using it with OH.

I also have a ZBPLM and I’m also wondering if anyone else has got it to work with OH? Any idea if it works with the Insteon PLM settings? I suspect not, as it has it’s own API? Anyhow, sorry if I’m resurrecting an old thread, just looking for any sort of info to try and get this working.

This thread looks old, but if anyone is watching, I also have a ZBPLM that I’m hoping to get working with OH. Has anyone tried setting OH up as using the Insteon PLM with any success?

Mine is still collecting dust. Insteon 2413U at home is working flawlessly. I wouldn’t mind having the ZBPLM working at work to play with though. If only I had an ounce of programming capability.

ZBPLM supports all the PLM API’s. Try using ZBPLM with baudrate set to 115200.

I know this is bumping a quite old post. The last dec 16 comment does appear to be correct in at least the base code that was used in the v1 InsteonPLM binding. The trouble is the baud in that code is hardcoded to 19200. Using insteon_terminal and updating it to 115200 does indeed let me query devices through the zbplm. Hopefully I can get a version of that with Zigbee enabled in the next few days.

I’ve added the ability to set the baud rate to oh 2 insteon binding (see New Insteon 2.5+ binding). When you configure the port, you add the baud rate:


If you want to give it a try and send me a pm and I’ll invite you to the testing group.