ZD2102-5 Door Window Sensor Battery Not Reporting

I hope i’m missing something simple… I have two door/window sensors (ZD2102-5 Door Window Sensor) - The ones I have came from Monoprice, but I don’t think that matters… Anyway, the issue is that neither sensor will report its battery level.

I included the sensor via PaperUI, and linked the battery channel to an item via a txt items file:

Number fire_alarm_com_bat "Fire Alarm Sensor Battery Level" <battery> (all_batteries) {channel="zwave:device:512:node34:battery-level"}

The sensor channel of the devices work just fine, but again, neither will report the battery level. There are no records in the log for the item name given, except for the entries when they were initially linked. Does anyone have experiences with this device or similar issue? Thanks!

Which version of OH2 with which version of the Z-Wave binding are you using?

You can also use the following in your Item definition:

Number fire_alarm_com_bat "Fire Alarm Sensor Battery Level: [%d %%]" <battery> (all_batteries) {channel="zwave:device:512:node34:battery-level"}

Check also: Vision Door/Windows sensor zd2102 open/close and tamper are not triggered to different events

I updated https://www.cd-jackson.com/index.php/zwave/zwave-device-database/zwave-device-list/devicesummary/817

I’ve had also issues with the ZD2102-5. In my case it didn’t report battery status and closing events. Opening worked.
Chris suggested to update to OH2.4.0-M5 which has quite some improvements for Z-Wave.
[solved] - ZD2102 Window Sensor: Open event not recognized

Just in case this helps someone else, here’s what I’ve found… This model is very similar to the Linear (gocontrol, nortek security & control) wadwaz-1 door/window sensor - probably the same manufacturer (Factoid - the wadwaz-1 is now discontinued, but several of them are still floating around when Linear offloaded their inventory). I spoke with Linear/Nortek today, and they told me that the battery level channel will not generate a report until a low battery threshold is reached. I haven’t put in a low battery to test this theory, but I suppose it makes sense.

Until z-wave binding version 2.3 the battery reporting was working (I got an update every 6h). In 2.4 version it was not working. There is another post here, where it is mentioned that in 2.5 snapshot binding it is working again. Not tested by me. I sold all of them and bought other types.

I can confirm that reporting the battery status with the current snapshot version of the z-wave binding works for exactly this device.

Thank you all for the heads up. I am running the last stable 2.4, so this lines up with your insight.

Just rounding out the thread here for future viewers… Yes, everything you said was correct… in 2.4, battery reporting wasn’t working. I just updated to the 2.5 snapshot and the battery indicators on the ZD2102-5 and the WADWAZ-1 sensors are now reporting! Thank you for the info,

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