Zeotec Multisensor 6 not reporting battery level

I have two of these devices, one powered by USB and the other by battery. The battery powered device does not report its battery level until it gets to 50% and then about a week or so later, the battery is dead. The device reports motion right away, and temperature and humidty every 60 minutes. I’ve looked through the settings and am not sure which settings I need to have set for the battery level to be reported with some regularity.

The battery threshold, parameter 44, is set to 1
Low battery report, parameter 39, is set to 25
Group 1 periodic reports, parameter 101, is set to 241, which includes the battery level

Group 1 Report Interval, parameter 111, is set to 3600
Selective Reporting, parameter 40 is Disabled

RPi3 OH 2.3
Anyone have any ideas?

When you included the device, was it running on battery or USB? It must be running on the power source it will always run on during inclusion.

Can you also provide the properties of the devices.

Lucky you! :wink: I have two of these, and neither reports anything other than 100% all the way up to the point where the battery is dead. Neither device was included when running on USB power.

I don’t remember if I had it connected to a power source or not when I included it. I can remove/include it again to see if that works. Which properties are you interested in?

HABmin will show a list of properties for the device - if you can provide an image of those for the two devices it might be useful.

Here are the configuration parameters for each device:

Battery.pdf (62.9 KB)
USB.pdf (57.9 KB)

I won’t get a chance to try exclusion/inclusion until this weekend.

Sorry - it’s not the configuration parameters - it’s the properties I wanted to see. These are listed separately in both HABmin and PaperUI.

My bad, here you go.

Excluging/Including the device shows a lower value for the battery level now. We’ll see if the device regularly updates the battery going forward.