ZigBee 2531 installed and online, but how to add devices / scan?

I just bought an ZigBee Stick wuth 2531, and this stick was now found and added in OH (newest version).
( https://www.amazon.de/dp/B07T6ZKSMF , in comments they wrote: working with OH (!?) )

But how to add devices?
I use this: ZigBee - Bindings | openHAB

"Discovery is performed by putting the binding into join mode (by starting an inbox search), and then putting the device into join mode. "
Where is the “search in inbox”, in OH3 I don’t see a “inbox” (on my running OH 2.x i have a Inbox).

Or have I to flash the USB stick, because in the doku: “Needs extra hardware and correct firmware …”
But as you can see, it’s “online” (!?)

Yesterday I install a “Home Assistant” with a “SonOff ZigBee 3.0 USB-Stick”, and after 20 minutes three ZigBee devices (Xiaomi, Aquara) are found and show values like temeprature :wink:

But I will not switch to Home-Assistant, try to build up an new OH3 installation from scratch …

This is exactly the same for every binding - you need to go to the Things page, click the + button and add a new device.

I don’t really know why this would take 20 minutes - discovery in Zigbee is limited to about 4 minutes after which discovery should be disabled. For security, the zigbee binding limits this to 1 minute. Anyway, the important point I really wanted to say here is if you are using devices on another system, you must reset them so that they join a new network.

What I mean, 20 Minute in total!
Including Home Assistent Installation, basic configuration, install zigbee binding, “find” SONOFF-Zigbee-Stick,…
This was quick (imho), I spend hours to find a working OH zigbee device…

It is true, though, as the OP mentioned, that the very first sentence in the Discovery section of the documentation says

Discovery is performed by putting the binding into join mode (by starting an inbox search), and then putting the device into join mode.

which is quite ambiguous, especially if you’re new at this.

It should be mentioned that in a later paragraph within the same section it does give presumably correct instructions to start a scan, but perhaps the first sentence needs clarifying.

Updates to documentation are always welcome - as you say - there’s always room to improve this so a PR is welcome :slight_smile:

As above, I’m sure there are always improvements that can be made to the documentation, but this is exactly the same for every binding in OH, so the general documentation and concepts should apply to the Zigbee binding as well.

Of course you can always post questions here as well and the community will support - as you are now doing :slight_smile:

Indeed. I would love to, but a) I don’t use the UI for Things, so can’t confirm the correct procedure, and b) because this would probably constitute more than a minor edit it would need to be signed, so I won’t do it as discussed with Confectrician here

@Topsurfer if you’re happy to you’re probably in the best position to modify the documentation so that it’s easier for newbies!

Personally I don’t think it would be considered a major change. This should (I think) only be a few lines in the documentation so for me it’s fine as a minor change and falls into the “small patch exception”.

(I realise this is well of topic now!)

So is

Your patch is a single line change to documentation.

not a hard and fast rule? We can change a couple or a few lines? That certainly helps, if so!

I’m not so sure - the topic here is how to add devices. If the documentation can be improved, we should do that.

There is a small patch exception. I know this states it’s for “single line” changes, but what is a “single line” change. If you change one sentence, that will likely change more than one line - personally I’m happy to be pragmatic about that and I think the discussion in the previous post you referenced was also written in the same context. This is not going to be a major rewrite of the documentation - it’s really just going to be a line or two so I certainly do not consider it major.