ZigBee and HUSBZB, randomly, erratically, not talking to the devices

So I fought getting this setup last fall, and ended up using the nightly/snapshot add-ons to get things working with my OpenHAB2 install (deb packages, Ubuntu Server 16.04).

I’ve a pretty basic configuration, in which OpenHAB2 is really only on the network to talk to lights on ZigBee, and then expose them to HomeKit. I’m not in to crazy automation with any of it yet, or complex setups. Just a half dozen lights and outlets that this is in control of.

Originally my issue with OpenHAB2 was trying to get things not to crash all the time on my ODROID. I since moved on to having the instance running in it’s own LXC container on a Gigabyte Brix box.

So the problem now is this:

I can restart OpenHAB2/device, and things will work great. 0 lag, all devices online and happy. Then, sometimes it’s 12 hours, sometimes it’s 3 days, everything LOOKS great in OpenHAB2, the ZigBee controller shows as online and having neighbors etc, but nothing actually responds to commands, until I restart the service or reboot the box.

Since this thing isn’t showing as offline, or unknown, or anything else, and I can’t duplicate the issue without sitting there and just waiting, I’m not sure where to begin in trying to fix this, but I’m starting to lose my mind. Sadly, I’m getting to the point where the idea of a cron job to restart the whole thing every 12 hours seems to be a better use of my time.

Anyone got any input? By the way, long time stalker, just never had a need to comment. I know Chris has been amazing in his support of the ZigBee stuff.

What does top say when OH is misbehaving? How much CPU and how much ram?

Do you have rules with Thread::sleep or long running commands like executeCommandLine or sendHttp*Request, or while loops?

System resources utilized are minimal. It has free reign of around 24GB of RAM free, and rarely uses over 1.1GB for the LXC container with only OH in it. CPU is an i3, and load is generally around 0.3.

No rules. All OH is being used for, is to talk to ZigBee devices, and then run the HomeKit integration so HomeKit can run the schedules/etc.