Zigbee Basic Cluster Reset to Factory Defaults Command


Is there a way to add a switch item to a Zigbee thing to send the ‘Reset to Factory Defaults’ Command (0x00) to the basic cluster (0x0000)?

So far, OH does not create a channel for this in any of my Zigbee devices.


No - this isn’t something I would expect to be made available. Doing a factory reset on a device isn’t really something you would normally want to expose to a user.

We could in theory make it a configuration parameter, so it’s available to the admin UI, but that’s not something I’ve currently implemented.

Making it a configuration parameter would work too. Actually, now that I think about it, that would be the best way to implement it as well.

I’ve now created a console command to do this in the zigbee libraries - once I update to the latest library in a week or two this should be available.