ZigBee Binding - Add Xiaomi Aqara water leak sensor


I like to add some Aqara water leak sensors to OpenHab that are using Zigbee. They are discovered (as “Unknown Zigbee Device” by the Zigbee Binding and I can add it as a thing but I don’t see a channel. I assume it is not yet supported by that binding. What can I do to make it supported? I am not afraid to lightly change some code and add it to the Github repository.
Btw. I can see the properties of the water leak sensor in the PaperUI, just no channels.

We’d need to see what services the device supports. This should be saved in the network XML file in the zigbee folder. From this, it might be possible to work out what needs to be added - so long as the manufacturer has stuck to the standards :roll_eyes:

Hi, after I found the file I removed my other Zigbee Devices and left the leak sensor. I attached the file.

zigbee-network–zigbee_coordinator_cc2531_d730dbcf.xml (41.5 KB)

I can only assume that this device is using a private cluster since the standard cluster is not showing in the XML. This would likely require someone with the device to work out what service is supported and how.

If you can tell me what to do or have a brief summary what to do, I like to do that. I just have no starting point right now.

Unfortunately it’s not really easy to explain. You’d need to set up the development environment for ZigBee, then understand the protocol layers to see what is happening so you can reverse engineer the protocol to find the appropriate data that can then be added into the binding.

Maybe this information is already available on the web somewhere, which would make things much easier. If you can find what clusters and attributes it uses, then we can maybe take a look.

I don’t know what exactly I am searching for, but I found this:

I can probably work this out from this. Leave it with me - and if I don’t get back by the weekend, feel free to prompt me :slight_smile:

@chris Do you got it running?

I’m also interested in this solution.

Sorry, no - at the moment I can’t work on the ZigBee binding as the new IDE / build system is not working with ZigBee. Once that is resolved I will look at this.

Hi, just asking: is there any progress?
There is an issue at Github where a solution is already written down (at least for the important Wet/Dry-Status): https://github.com/openhab/org.openhab.binding.zigbee/issues/382

I know @chris is away from home on a business trip so he is somewhat limited in what he is able to do. Perhaps he can give an update anyway,


I just wanted to ping this thread to hear if there has been any updates to add the support of the sensor? @chris

No - the issue is still open -:

How add Xiaomi Aqara water leak sensor via thing and item ?

I have tried:
lumi.sensor_wleak.aq1 158d0001XXXXXX "Xiaomi Aqara water leak " [itemId=“158d0001XXXXXX”]
doesn’t work.

other devices were add without any problem and via web i can add Xiaomi Aqara water leak, but would like to add via things,