ZigBee Binding and Tradfri Remote Control


I am using the Tratfri remote control E1524 with some Tradfri light bulbs with openhab and the zigbee binding.

With the original Tradfri gateway it works like following:

  1. Pairing the remote with the gateway
  2. Pairing the remote control with bulbs; the gateway automaticly recognizes the bulbs (in groups).

With openhab/zigbee binding this way doesn’t work.

After succesfully pairing the Tradfri remote control with openhab/zigbee binding, it is unpossible to pair the Tradfri remote control with any bulb.

If you try to pair the light bulbs first and then try to pair the remote control with the bulbs, this works, but the zigbee binding does not recognize the remote control.

I know that the Tradfri remote controls do not send their commands to a gateway, but directly to the lightbulbs via multicasts (group id). But if a remote control is pairing with a light bulb that is already paired with the zigbee binding, the zigbee binding should be able to recognize the new remote control, right? But it doesn’t.

The Tradfri remote controls independently send her commands directly to the light bulbs, this is actually not a problem so far. But the Tradfri remote controls also send their battery status and this is of course also interesting for openhab, in order to notify corresponding battery low warnings via rules.

Is ther any solution, that the openhab/zigbee binding ist recognizing the Tradfri remote controls?

Hello again!

After further searching and testing, I found the following:

First of all, the light bulb must be paired with OH. Then the remote control must be paired with OH. The remote control can then be paired with the lightbulb.
So far so good.

But now I have the following problem:

I have two light bulbs (bulb_A and bulb_B) and two remotes (RC_Y and RC_Y).
I now want to achieve the following:

bulb_A @ OH
bulb_A @ RC_Y

bulb_B @ OH
bulb_B @ RC_Z

After I have configured this, I have the following problem:

The remote control RC_Y switches and dims both bulb_A AND bulb_B at the same time.
And RC_Z also switches both light bulbs at the same time.
Apparently both remote controls act with the same group ID after they have been paired with OH.

What now?

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