Zigbee binding - aqara sensors - battery level an voltage channel are missing

I have a bunch of aqara sensors (door, weather, etc).
They were well discovered form the zigbee binding (latest 2.5.0 snapshot). However none of sensor things got a channel for battery level or battery voltage. How can I get the two channels? Is it possible to add these manually?

And another question. When i try to add a zigbee thing manually (PaperUI) ( Inbox>ZigBee Binding>Choose Thing), I can choose 10 different things, but I can’t choose the Generic ZigBee Device Thing. Is this right?


I have the same issue with the temperature/humidity/pressure sensors. Can the channel be added manually? Under “show properties” of the thing, zigbee_powerlevel = FULL is stated. So it seems to be working. Unfortunately the channel is missing. The Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Binding seems to use this channel, be I don’t want to buy and use the ZigBee - WiFi gateway for only this purpose. The zigbee binding has the battery-level channel implemented, but it is not recognised when the aqara sensors are added. Is there a workaround? I tried to link the channel in the *.items but this doesn’t worked.

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I also discovered the same thing and would be interested in a solution.

Probably these sensors uses a non-standard function to report battery, or they are not reporting their services correctly. Please remember that these devices are not zigbee compliant devices.

If someone has more information, then I’m happy to look at it.

Its the same issue I´d report the other day regarding the aqara door/window sensor. I´d post debug log files as well as sniffer and device XML file.

I have the same problem.
Can it be solved?

It is only aqara problem or xiaomi also?

Hello Chris,

could you explain why over mqtt this sensors has battery level https://www.zigbee2mqtt.io/devices/WSDCGQ11LM.html and over binding not? (((

I think that the device doesn’t support the standard ZigBee features, so it won’t be detected by the ZigBee Binding the is looking for standard ZigBee ZCL features. I don’t know this for sure though as I do not have this device so really can’t be sure with no information.

What info do you need, Chris?

I would need to know what cluster/attribute provides the battery information. I suspect it’s a manufacturer specific feature rather than using the ZCL defined standard.

Is that a debug log?

It probably won’t be easily available in a log. The information might be on the net somewhere, or I’d need to try and work it out by debugging a device directly.

I think the best I could find was some scripts for xiaomi devices. The scripts shows some clusters, and looking at the door/window sensor, it seems like there is a battery as well. (not sure though, I´m no developer). The scripts is for Smartthings… But I would say the clusters are the same, right?


Any news regarding battery status?

interested too. I have the same problem …

I’d also love to have these channels added. I have a Xiaomi Aqara Temperature and Humidity sensor (the round one) and zigbee2mqtt clearly discovers these properties:

zigbee2mqtt:info  2020-05-18 14:42:28: MQTT publish: topic 'zigbee2mqtt/0x00158d0004240688', payload '{"battery":80,"voltage":2965,"temperature":27.94,"humidity":67.77,"linkquality":131}'

However, only the temperature and humidity readings are available as channels within Openhab.
Obviously I can use zigbee2mqtt and add the sensors using the MQTT binding, but I’d much rather just use the Zigbee binding.

Unfortunately the ZigBee binding is really designed to work with ZigBee devices. For some reason Xiaomi decided not to use standard features for the battery.

Thanks Xiaomi I guess. It always sucks when there’s a standard and a company still decides to do their own thing.
Still, seeing that there seem to be quite a few people having Xiaomi sensors, can we expect the binding to be patched sometime in the future, or is that not going to happen?

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