Zigbee binding / Ember stick: Tradfri bulb doesn't get discovered

I have bought this Zigbee dongle. It’s an Ember coordinator based dongle.

I’ve connected the dongle to my Raspberry Pi with OpenHabian 2.4.0. After some fiddling with the settings, I got the dongle working. It shows up “online” in the Paper UI.

The next step is having my bulbs and switch discovered. However, I’m not very successful with that. If I put the Zigbee binding in discovery mode via the Paper UI, I see in the logs that the discovery is started:

Starting ZigBee scan for zigbee:coordinator_ember:60e947383cc73b40b82a169ed7abb498

However, nothing happens. I understand that the bulb has to be reset by powering it off and on again, so I did. I tried different orders: first starting discovery, then powering up the bulb or the other way around. Whatever I do, nothing happens.

Is there anything I can do to get an idea of what is going on? Or do I have to do additional things to properly reset the bulbs before it can join the ember network? I hope someone can help me with this.

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Bart Kummel

I think to reset the bulb, you’ve got to do more than just power it off and on.

Thanks Chris! Could have Googled that myself… I will try this soon and let you know the results!

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Hi Chris,

Thanks for linking to that Youtube movie from Ikea. As shown in the movie, the trick is to power cycle the bulb 6 times. Then it is reset and it can be discovered. I’ve successfully added 3 bulbs to my OpenHAB setup now!

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