Zigbee binding finds one bulb and then stops working

I just started to work with openHAB, so forgive me if my questions are completely stupid…

A brief list of what I did so far:
installed OH2 as a QPKG on an QNAP NAS.
attached a USB stick cc2531 to the NAS.
loaded the appropriate kernel module
added the Zigbee binding
added CC2531EMK Coordinator Thing
coupled an INNR bulb RS 228 T (ZigBee Device)
added two items of type “Dimmer” to the channels “Color Temperature” and “Level Control”

so far, so good. When coupled, I was able to control the bulb using openHAB Control page, using both channels.

Some time later, I could no longer Control the bulb. Color temperature and Level stay constant.
Both things still show up as “online” in Paper UI.
Also, coupling further bulbs does not work.
Any ideas?

btw: I also noticed that when changing either channel via the openHAB app, the web interface would not reflect the change - only after another change.
initial value CT 100, Level 100.
Change CT via app to 60.
webinterface: no Change, still reading CT 100, Level 100.
Change Level via app to 50.
webinterface changes, now reading CT 60, Level 100.
Change CT via app to 40.
webinterface changes, now reading CT 60, Level 50
and so on.

Do you have any logs or further information that might help?

(complete events.log, but only an extract of openhab.log as the whole file is huge)
If you need more info, just give me a hint which entries might be useful…

events.log (48.8 KB) extract_openhab.log (14.1 KB)

Yep - more information is needed :slight_smile:

Have a read of the binding documentation. There’s a section called something like “what to do when things don’t go as planned”. That explains what logging is needed.

Ok. I should have known - “if nothing helps, read the manual” :wink:

issued those three karaf commands and stopped/started OH.

Afterwards, I was able to add another bulb (same make/model).
At the time writing, I am able to control that second bulb as expected - but the one added some days before still doesn’t respond to any commands.

Attached are logfiles - hope that helps.events_dbg.log (14.9 KB) openhab_dbg.log (871.8 KB)