Zigbee binding: Power on behavior (Default, Last on Power loss recovery, Custom)

Hi all,

if the Bulbs are connected to the HUE bridge (2.0) I can set inside the app a “power on behavior”.
This select what the light should do when powered on by a classic light switch or after a power outage.

Can i set this also without the Bridge using the Zigbee Binding or something similar?

Thanks a lot

It depends on the bulb. If the bulb supports this, then it can be possible, but currently the zigbee binding only supports this for On/Off bulbs (not dimmable bulbs or color bulbs). I’m currently adding this for color bulbs and it will be in the binding soon and I will also add this for dimmers.

However, the bulb needs to also support this in the standard zigbee way, and that’s not the case with all bulbs.

Hi @chris,

thanks a lot for that update.
I own lots of bulbs that are on CCT (Tuneable white).
I hope the new Binding will support them too.
If you need a tester I could assist.