Zigbee binding things' channels

I used Zigbee binding (withCC2531 sniffer) and find my Xiaomi power plug successfully:

These are my questions:

  1. Facing a new device such this, how can I find out which channels are available for this device (of course there are more channels)?
  2. what is the type of the channel? (Switch? Number? …)
  3. how can I find the red section (in the picture) for a new device (for all available channels)?

To make the long story short, how can I find all available channels for a new device ?

The binding will report them, and they will be available in the UI.

This is in the documetantion.

The UI will show you - as you have underlined in red :). Alternatively, the documentation lists the channel types - this is just added to the end of the UID in the standard ESH way.


you are right. but what is this 8 ?

and I tested this (for adding humidity from channel types table here):

Number Humidity "Feibet_humidity" {channel="zigbee:device:ac9d1b5f:00124b0018dd053d:00124B0018DD053D_8_measurement_relativehumidity"}

but nothing appears in paper UI.

I swear to god that I copied the CUID from the paper UI. Additionally, nothing is said about that channel number (that 8). you can check the channel tables for Zigbee binding here.

post a screenshot of all available Channels that you have for this thing

I do not know the available channels for this device. This device is totally new. If I knew, I wouldn’t post this question.

Most likely these chinese cheap Xiaomi stuff will not report all their available channels…

It’s the endpoint number.

As I said earlier - the UI will show you the channels that the binding makes available. If the UI doesn’t show a channel, then the binding doesn’t provide support for that channel.