Zigbee binding: TINT bulbs

i am pretty new in home automation and want to build a system which is not connected to any cloud and tried to use Raspi with Openhab 2. I ordered the Pi 3B, a Telegesis USB Zigbee stick and some zigbee bulbs.
has anybody managed to get those TINT bulbs (currently sold @ALDI) working directly connected to the Zigbee binding?
The bulb is recognised as a thing and appears online but all control functions are not working. i tried to DIMM, ON/OFF and SWITCH as an item but nothing happens to the bulb.

What am i doing wrong or am i too optimistic and just able to buy specific devices?


As I read in documentation here, Telegesis coordinators do not support Zigbee 3. The tint bulbs are on Zigbee 3.

“Note: Currently only Ember coordinators support Zigbee 3, it does not look like the Telegesis coordinators will receive an update to support it.”

May one correct me, if I’m wrong.

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