Zigbee binding - Tradfri color bulbs less bright when paired to OH / binding

Hi All,

After getting my zigbee binding to work i migrated my tradfri bulbs from the gateway to the zigbee binding via the bitron stick. All is well and bulbs respond instantly to command send thru the binding.

One of the bulbs seems to be a lot less bright though when connected to the binding. It looses brightness as soon as a command is sent by the binding.
My White scale bulbs seem fine, the color ones drop in brightness:

The bulb is correctly detected as:

TRADFRI bulb E27 CWS opal 600lm

Once i reset the bulb it goes back to full blast. And when initially paired it stays there. As soon as a color change is sent or the bulbs brightness is adjusted down and up again it never goes back to full power.

The only commands i can send to the bulb is a percentage. And when sending 100 the bulb only seems to go up to 400 - 500 lumens (estimate. i guess its at least 20% less strong).

Is there anything i can do to get these bulbs to go to their full protentional?

Thanks for your response!!

I did some additional testing, tried different (color) bulbs and resetting them but the problem persists.
I also paired the original tradfri remote to the bulb and OH and this makes no difference.
If i pair the remote to the Zigbee network, and then connect it to the bulb i can send commands to the bulb either via the OH binding and the remote. Dimming etc. seems to work just fine ( I was however unable to change the color via the remote).

Everything works fine, until i change the bulb color thru OH. It then again drops in brightness, after which i am unable to get it back up to full power, via the binding or the Ikea Tradfri remote.

Is this a bulb issue or a binding issue (or combination of both)?

Hi Marty,
I have the exact same thing in OH 3.2.0 RB. Did you ever find a solution?

Hi Aerian,

I’m afraid i was never able to solve this problem. Short after that issue I had problems with a dimmer that was Zigbee 3 and my coordinator was unable to pair with it.

I then decided to switch my setup to deconz with a conbee II stick as zigbee hub. I am happy with that setup ever since and have no problems with any bulbs or devices. The ikea bulbs go full blast via Deconz. I now control everything via Openhab with Deconz as bridge.

Sorry, I can’t help you out any further with your issue.

Thank you for sharing.