ZigBee binding & Tradfri remote controls / motion sensors /

Hi there!

So I am using all my ZigBee devices in connection with ZigBee2MQTT, Mosquitto and a MQTT binding. This works mostly fine (with a small - longer command delay), but I am a friend of personally using a more direct approach (with a native binding). I am already doing this with my Z-Wave devices, but using ZigBee some things were missing in the past (AFAIK), like getting the button presses from the (e.g.) Ikea Tradfri remotes - or the occupancy from the motion sensors. I could be partly wrong, though.

Also does somebody know whether the binding currently supports something similar like the “transition” mode in ZigBee2MQTT, which “enables” devices to smoothly fade from one brightness-level into the other? Or other device specific features (e.g.) mentioned here?

Thank you.

Check the zigbee2mqtt docs or create a rule that will fade the light as zigbee2mqtt is not an OH binding.

Another option would be to use the official Zigbee binding though.

I don’t, have you tried?
Install the binding and find out.
Then if it doesn’t work remove it.
You don’t even have to reflash the dongle

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Thanks for you input, yet this is not an issue. The transition parameter inside the configuration of ZigBee2MQTT handles this fading just fine. :slight_smile:

Maybe I wasn’t clear enough: I just wanted to know, if somebody knows, if there are any drawbacks in comparison to ZigBee2MQTT. In the past there were.

I have tried - 2-3 months back. And at that time handling motions sensors / remotes was not on par with ZigBee2MQTT. That’s why I am asking before pouring too much time into this again. :slight_smile:

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The official zigbee binding page list ikea motion sensor as compatible, however I have tried both ikea dimmer and sensor and they are not working for me. Everything is discovered but no motion and no dimmer press is reported. I do not know if the devices need firmware update to operate correctly. Because I do not have an ikea bridge I cannot perform a firmware update to test that.

You do not need the IKEA bridge to update firmware. The zigbee binding supports OTA, so you “only” need the firmware and some preparation.