Zigbee binding


I would like to try out the Zigbee binding that is under development!
Where can I found the repository with the latest work?
I have some different TI hardware that I would like to test with it (CC2530, CC2531, CC2538, CC2650). Is there any instruction on how to generate the firmware, as I understand it is based on the sample code from TI, so it might be possible to generate firmware for them?
I have some hardware from other vendors also, but then the interface needs to be rewritten? Where is the code if I would take a look at it!
With the introduction of Thread and ZCL-over-IP it might make sense to also split it into one binding part, and one transport part?

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I used the binding from this pull request:

but I am not sure if this is the newest version.

As for the firmware I flashed the one that is described here:


I’ve received some different TI-based hardware, installed eclipse and development environment and will start playing with it!

I have flashed the TI2531 with firmware and it seems to work in Openhab! When i try to add an osram lightify i get this error in the log. Any clues?

2016-11-06 10:57:43.972 [DEBUG] [b.z.handler.ZigBeeThingHandler:67 ] - Can’t initializing ZigBee thing handler without address{}.

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It’s the newest version that I’ve pushed but there will be changes in the nearish future to handle other dongles.

I still have the problem that I get the same error as @elevation and my item changes to offline state. What can I do to bring my thing online? I also tried to specify the thing in the configurations file but this does not work either.

I finally managed to solve my problem. I replaced the first line in the initialize() method of the ZigBeeThingHandler by:

final String configAddress = this.getThing().getProperties().get(ZigBeeBindingConstants.PARAMETER_MACADDRESS);

I copied this from the ZWaveThingHandler. It seems that the discovery service stores the address in the thing not in the config of the handler. Is this the way it should work?

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I can confirm that changing that line like you said works for me: My Zigbee-connected things now change to “Initializing”, instead of staying “Offline”.
However, after “Initializing” they don’t always change to “Online” but often they stay in the “Initializing” state forever. I have only ever gotten a Zigbee-connected thing (apart from the coordinator) to come “Online” once. I haven’t yet figured out why,

Hi Chris, I like to test zigbee device. but I could not find the ‘zigbee’ binding plugin. could you provide me some pointer. thanks!

It’s not currently available - you can compile it yourself from the PR that’s currently in the OH2 site. I should have a new version available very soon - I’m working on what I hope is the last problem with discovery not being very robust and then I’ll make it available.

Hi @chris, any update on status of zigbee binding? Wondering if I should compile one from pull request, or whether you got new updated version coming soon.

Thank you!

Yes - the new version should be available this week for testing. I’ll post here when it’s compiled up and available.


Chris, in addition to sending commands to Zigbee end devices, are you going to support asynchronously updating item state when devices are operated manually? We are struggling to implement attribute changes on end devices.



The binding does attempt to configure reporting in devices - I’m not 100% sure that it’s working at the moment, but it is planned to have this supported, yes. Of course this does require that end devices actually support reporting :wink:

Thanks Chris. We have few zigbee end devices and are happy to test your binding with these devices.



I’ve not forgotten about this - I’ve been tidying up some Ember code and have one initialisation issue to resolve with the TI dongle before I can make this available…

If this will work with SmartThings motion and door sensors I will buy a dongle and test the crap out of this. I have a large bag of useless devices that I would love to get working again as it represents hundreds of dollars of sunk cost.

I’m also very interessted in the code/a snapshot build. I got a TI dongle clone with the firmware (seems to work with zigbee4java) and some Xiaomi Mi Smart Home sensors (door/window sensor, two buttons and a temp+humidity sensor). I also got another dongle configured as a sniffer ready for debugging :wink:

Hi Mike, Just out of curiosity: What’s the reason that you cannot (do not want to) use them with SmartThings anymore?

Simplicity I guess, I know there may be a way to slave the SmartThings hub to OpenHAB but I honestly hated ST. Every week, it seems, my devices would stop working because of some update on the server side. At least with OH, when shit breaks, I’m the one who broke it. Plus I live in the boonies with not that great internet and so the less things that are dependent on a cloud the better.


Sorry - missed this one yesterday. I’ve not yet tested with the sensors, but I do know that it works with the SmartThings plus - I’ll try the sensors when I get a chance as I also have a couple of them here.