Zigbee Coordinator advice

I’ve installed my first zigbee devices 2 years ago using a Sonoff ZBBridge as coordinator.

As I have OH installed in a QNAP NAS, and these NAS’s are known for incompatibilities with USB devices I had to opt for a non-USB coordinator. Furthermore the NAS is “surrounded” by several metalic devices so it’s not a good idea to have coordinators attached.

This implied that I had to develop MQTT skills, and as a consequence I’ve decided to flash all my other ESP8266 and ESP32 devices with Tasmota.

The ZBBridge served me well but I have three problems (mainly because of zigbee2tasmota):

  1. Z2T does not support fw update of zigbee devices (unlike zigbee2mqtt)
  2. Z2T does not support a specialized device that I’ve bought months ago
  3. Ikea/Tradfri buttons (E1812 and E1743) drain their batteries too quickly (Xiaomi / Aqara devices are ok)

So now I’m thinking about replacing ZBBridges (I have two) by another coordinator compatible with zigbee2mqtt. I’ve seen these two alternatives SMLIGHT SLZB-06 and TubesZB. Anyone using them (or another brand) ?

I’m still using the sonoff P usb dongle without a problem…

Thanks but I want an ethernet solution.

Pi 3 + dongle + zigbee2mqtt

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I could I worded my comment better… but this ^ is what I was thinking. 2x this

Thanks. Price (Pi3 + dongle P + power supply) is higher than SMLIGHT SLZB-06 (more compact with case and fixing tools) so I would prefer the later.

I’ve bought:

One significant benefit of moving from Z2T to Z2M is the fact that now I can replace batteries without having to pair devices again. Also I’ve noticed that the SLZB-06 ethernet port works @ 100Mbps whereas the HanGeek speed is only 10Mbps.

The ZBBridge’s are now in repeater mode.