Zigbee coordinator for Marvell MZ100 ZigBee SoC chip?


I would like to know if the current Zigbee binding supports the Marvell MZ100 ZigBee SoC chip?
I recently purchased one on Amazon order . I was able to communicate with the device via serial
using their python script Zigbee.py LinkSprite

If I run the script and turn on the light it response with “You should add the equipment first”, “short mac:11 03
And if I try to add the device it fails and gives me this output

[09:17:16] openhabian@openHABianPi:~$ python zigbee.py
[sudo] password for openhabian:
serial open succeed!
^CAdd equipment!
add equipment ok
short:8c e9
mac:6c 27 0c 03 14 18 ce b0
gatewaymac:99 30 35 03 c9 43 50 00
set target ok
bind ok
failure! please add again

I know if I want to work with their software and cloud service I should get their help but I would like to get this controller to work with openhab2. Any help with this controller/coordinator would be appreciated

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Forgot to mention the equipment I’m using. Raspberry pi 3 , Aeon gen5 z-stick ,
OH2, Linksprite pi hat zigbee controller.