Zigbee coordinator for new setup

I plan to buy some zigbee devices (for a start some IKEA TRÅDFRI), but would probably buy more :-).
I found a CC2652P as ebay (CC2652P data sheet, product information and support | TI.com), the seller claims it is openHAB compatible, but I don’t see this coordinator in the compatibility list. I also saw that Chris had done some updates to the Zigbee binding recently. Thus I am in doubt what coordinator to go for.
I have been using Z-Wave for a couple of years, but Zigbee is new to me :-).

Can I expect the coordinator to work with the Zigbee binding?

or is it the zigbee2mqtt binding that supports it?

I would like to go for the Zigbee Binding, as I has been used the Z-Wave Binding from Chris for years (and it was always stable as a rock).

If this coordinator is not supported, then please sugegst something that could be bought inside EU for reasonable money (preferably better than the CC2531

I have been reading recent threads, and as far as I see the coordinator is not supported.
I plan

The only ember-based coordinator USB stick I know of that is zigbee 3 capable and has somewhat uptodate firmware availible:

tronika has it Norway (guessing from your name :slight_smile: )
Not cheap, but is reported working with newer Hue bulbs on openhab-zigbee with upgraded firmware.
(I have not tested this stick myself)

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Thanks for the answer.
I live in Denmark, so your guessing is not all bad :slight_smile:
The pricetag doesn’t seem to be all bad - but I am also used to Z-Wave prices :slight_smile:

Oh, Danish, I belive Denmark is where the -sen ending is coming from.
I suppose we got that when Denmark and Norway was one kingdom.

There is also the itead zigbee 3.0 usb dongle.
It has a newer ember chip. But it only was made 1000 of them as a initial production run. When and if Itead get around to produce more I dont know.
I have seen them on ebay and the chinese stores.

There certainly is a market for uptodate ember-based USB coordinators.

If anyone know of other sticks, please inform us :wink:

I ordered a POPP ZB-STICK which I hope will arrive in a couple of days. But I am still open to other suggestions - I guess there is no law saying that I can only have one Zigbee coordinators :innocent:.

What about the iTead (Sonoff) stick ? Yeah I see it’s out of stock but maybe you get it somewhere. It’s ZB3, Ember based and cheaper, too
@mr_eskildsen chris once said he favorizes Ember chipset controllers.

Thanks for the information. I believe the POPP ZB-STICK is Ember chipset. At least that is ordered and expected to arrive in a couple of days. I will go and buy some bulbs, probably IKEA Trådfri, and then see how it works :slight_smile:

Yes, the Popp has a ember chip. From what I understand, there are no developers working with other chipsets right now.
@tinaught reported it working here (with upgraded firmware) on a recent Hue bulb: Philips LTA001 bulb; dimmer and colortemperature: no reaction on bulb - #33 by tinaught

I believe this stick has a couple of design problems unfortunately, otherwise it’s a good option. Hopefully they will come up with a new version.


All the commercial systems I support use the Ember chipset - this is tens of thousands of systems, so it gets a lot of testing :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. I am looking forward to use the Zigbee binding.

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I bought this one from EleLabs; based on the listing at the OH binding page.
It should arrive shortly… and I shall have a crack at zigbee. :smiley:

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seems I bought the same Zigbee USB Steick, see:

“SONOFF Zigbee 3.0 USB Dongle Plus ZigBee 3.x.0 TI CC2652P + CP2102N Coordinator”

But in OH-Things actuall I can’t see the stick, on the Rasberry it’s found (#lsusb) as:

Cygnal Integrated Products, Inc. CP2102/CP2109 UART Bridge Controller [CP210x family]

TTY is: ttyUSB1

OH Zigbee Binding is installed, in the ZigBee-binding I see this:

Any ideas how to use this stick? Need flashing?
Or send back and bye another one (I’m from germany)

You could try the 2531, but I’m not sure what firmware is in the device and I suspect it may not work.

I found that the 2652 Support Zigbee 3 and has bether “Performance”, so I thought this will a good stick to start with…

But this Stick / Version is not supported from OoenHab, correct?

So really have to by an “older” 2531 Version with to begin?

I would certainly not recommend the 2531 as it is no longer supported by the manufacturer. It is recommended to use an Ember (Silabs) coordinator as these are generally the best available, and have the best support in the binding (ie most testing by community and commercial users and users).

In germany I has not found a “Ember” Stick,
I found this stick (and commens show that stick is working fine with OH):

Will this be ok for the next time, or is this hardware outdated?
There is the hint, that the wireless-modul (?) part is from Ember:

" * Funkmodul Silicon Labs Ember 3587"

This one is ok, but there are better ones available that have a newer chipset (with more memory and resources).

I think people are using the following with good success -:

Hey, did you make it work? I have bought it recently as well and wondering if this can be connected to Openhab?


Yes it can be connected. But I ended using zigbee2mqtt instead as I found better support for IKEA bulbs

I’m struggling getting ember coordinator configured with the Sonoff ZigBee USB 3.0 dongle plus. Would you please post the Ember Coordinator settings you have working with this stick?