Zigbee-device request OTA every 5 minutes

Enabling Debug-mode in Zigbee2MQTT for some error analysis i also can see a reqest from a zigbee-dimmer for an OTA with the replay from zigbee2MQTT that no image is available.

debug 2024-01-24 14:47:48Device 'OG_Bad_Dimmer' requested OTA
debug 2024-01-24 14:47:48Responded to OTA request of 'OG_Bad_Dimmer' with 'NO_IMAGE_AVAILABLE'

Where i can stop this request from the device?
Where i might find an image what could be provided to the device?

Zigbee-Modell        HK-LN-DIM-A
Zigbee-Hersteller    Sunricher
Hersteller           LED-Trading