Zigbee devices re-appearing in inbox, summary so far

In common with many people posting here, I am suffering with Zigbee items continually appearing in my inbox.
I reviewed many posts and there appears to be 3 methods of fixing the issues, however none of them work for me:

This is what I ahve done so far:

Stopped Openhab running using:

sudo /bin/systemctl stop openhab2.service

Deleted Zigbee XML files

Deleted: org.eclipse.smarthome.config.discovery.DiscoveryResult.json

Cleaned cache:

sudo openhab-cli clean-cache

Restarted Openhab

sudo /bin/systemctl start openhab2.service

But as soon as I scan for new items using the Zigbee binding I receive 2 x items in my inbox both are “Unknown Zigbee device etc”, these have the batteries removed, so where is this data coming from?

The reason I’m trying to clear them, is that the do not bind beyond this point, yet I have previously had them bound and working.

One is a Smartthings movement sensor and the other 2 are Xiomai humidity sensors.
(I do have zigbee2mqtt configured, but I was trying move the Xiomai directly to Zigbee, as the Zigbee binding says it is compatible.


ok, you have some devices with the power disconnected or are you trying to get a device working? Please explain what you are tying to accomplish more clearly

Thanks for your reply, yes it was a bit of convoluted post, sorry about that.

I was trying to get the devices working, but the reason for the post being so convoluted, is that I wanted to understand how OpenHab worked, so I could be more self sufficient in the future.

So core problem:

3 x device not working on ZigBee Ember stick:

1 x SmartThings movement sensor
2 x Xiomai Humidity / Temperature sensors

I appreciate the Xiomai devices can be a challenge, which was also the reason I was trying to understand how to remove things, for when I finally give up with them :slight_smile:

no worries, first thing for new folks to understand is that the Paper user interface is an administrative interface only. I know it appears to be a general all around user interface and originally it was going to be but it was never finished by those who contributed it. The main purpose of Paper UI is to perform the discovery portion of the configuration process. With that in mind, understand just because a ‘thing’ appears in your inbox, that doesn’t mean you ‘have’ to do anything about it.

my guess is the information is stored on the stick. I think that is how it works.

Have you installed the Habmin user interface? Try using it, I believe it has tools to remove or reinitialize devices. Have you read the documentation for the zigbee binding, maybe give it another quick look.
I’ve heard of folks having problems with the Xiomai devices. Some get them working, others do not, I’ve never owned one. The smartthings motion sensors however, I own two. They ate their batteries very quickly and stopped reporting motion by the time I replaced the batteries the first time. In my opinion they are junk.

Understand as well that if they are battery powered devices, you must wake them over and over to get them to be fully recognized.

Is this really a problem though? There are reasons for this, and maybe I’ll look at changing the way this works, but the underlying issue is that there is no central repository of devices in ZigBee, so the binding needs to remember them (in fact it’s done in the libraries that the binding uses). Otherwise we don’t know about devices after a restart and it can be very problematic to rediscover them.

This is different to how other systems (eg ZWave) work where the controller knows all the devices that are on the network.

Devices therefore currently get remembered even when they leave the network, and we can’t really change that as devices may leave and rejoin under normal circumstances (eg changing parent). If this happens, and we forget the device, then we have to rediscover them, and for battery devices this will generally not work.

But I’m guessing your problem isn’t really that the device keeps re-appearing in the inbox? This should not really matter if you’re trying to get it to join the network - it’s going to appear in the inbox - right? I guess the problem is that you can’t use the device or something like that?

Information that the binding stores about devices should not change, so having this data stored will make it quicker to rediscover them later.

This doesn’t really make sense to me - I suspect you are overthinking the issue and you should not NEED to clear them to allow them to rejoin the network.

I will however take a look to see if I can remove the information if the thing is manually deleted - this might at least help eliminate the confusion :slight_smile: