Zigbee dongle on synology with zwave dongle

I brought eleabs zigbee dongle, and tried to add it to my Synology DSM7 (using oh3.1 on docker).
I already has one usb with zwave, connected it to the second USB and even to the one in front, but the system does not recognize it. I don’t see /dev/ttyACM1 (the /dev/ttyACM0 is the zwave dongle).
Do I need to install special driver in order the will work (something like this:
Index of /iperf-arp-scan/DSM_7.0/apollolake)

My zwave dongle works great.

After connecting the zigbee dongle I see in lsusb -i new entry:

|__usb1          1d6b:0002:0404 09  2.00  480MBit/s 0mA 1IF  (Linux 4.4.180+ xhci-hcd xHCI Host Controller 0000:00:15.0) hub
  |__1-3         1a86:7523:0263 ff  1.10   12MBit/s 98mA 1IF  ( ffffffd8ffffffb9ffffffd0ffffffa2)
  1-3:1.0         (IF) ff:01:02 3EPs ()

and in dmesg I see:

[177114.067964] usb 1-3: new full-speed USB device number 4 using xhci_hcd
[177114.209819] Got empty serial number. Generate serial number from product.

(I can’t find device Id for running the modprobe cp210x command

and after that I see zwave stick not reacting well…

Any ideas?


Synology announced with DSM7 that they are basically dropping support for USB devices in general. Synology DSM 7.0 ends support for USB Devices ⌚️ 🖥 📱 mac&egg

So any ideas how can I use openHAB inside docker in Synology? Or should I think about new solution :frowning: