Zigbee door srnsors

What zigbee door sensors have people had good luck with? How about the Sonoff -4 sensors?

Comments seem to show mixed results overall. But o realize that is a small sample and only people who have had issues.

I’m using these, via zigbee2mqtt:

Can’t really speak to long term viability: only had them for about 6 months, 83% battery remaining.

Time between door opening and light switching on is easily sub 0.5 seconds, which always impresses me as it’s going via zigbee2mqtt to openHAB then back to zigbee2mqtt to the bulb.

I can only give a negative. Sonofff SNZB-04 is unreliable, sometimes works, sometimes does not. I will follow this thread for recommendations too.

I’ve actually had good luck. So far. All my sensors are 30’ max from my coordinator though.

This raises an interesting question though. Do they send a message exclusively on state change? Or state change + every so often time period?

I’ve got a software network traffic sniffer. Wish I had a zigbee sniffer…

+1 on Xiaomi. Have used them for 2yrs+ haven’t had to change their batteries.