Zigbee Ember change channel what to do to make it work again?


I‘ve wanted to change the Zigbee Channel from 11 to 18. After I did it everything went to „gone“ state.
What do I have to do to bring them back online?

Error says: Node is not found on network


It looks like this right now:

Patience, perhaps

So the way this ought to work is when you change channel, the coordinator should send out a command to change the channel. Hopefully most devices on the network should receive this and change instantly. However, if that’s not the case, and sleeping devices for example will likely miss this, there’s a backup procedure.

Sleepy devices should wake up and find their parent has gone, so they attempt to rejoin the network. In doing so, they will search across all channels, and then try and rejoin if they find the network. Now - depending on how you have configured your network (to allow rejoins) this may, or may not, work.

Changing channels is a little risky IMHO and I’d really suggest to avoid doing so as you may ultimately need to rejoin some devices.

Hi all,

@rossko57 : I had some patience (9 hours) but all remain on gone
@chris : The Panel in my Living Room (Hue) is always connected to power as well as several OSRAM Smart plugs. None of them where coming back.

In the end I reconnected all by reset => But okay it’s only a one time action.

Thanks a lot