Zigbee Ember: Hue Motion Sensor (SML001 / philips_sml001) disconnects periodically

Hi all,

I’m using an ember coordinator. (EFR32MG21+CH340E) FW-Version v6.10.3
Looks like this:

UID: zigbee:coordinator_ember:62ec522f14
label: Zigbee Ember EM35x Coordinator
thingTypeUID: zigbee:coordinator_ember
  zigbee_port: /dev/ttyACM0
  zigbee_initialise: false
  zigbee_channel: 17
  zigbee_concentrator: 1
  zigbee_trustcentremode: TC_JOIN_SECURE
  zigbee_extendedpanid: D1EDA82EE04XXXXX
  zigbee_flowcontrol: 2
  zigbee_baud: 115200
  zigbee_panid: 55446
  zigbee_powermode: 1
  zigbee_txpower: 8
  zigbee_networksize: 25
  zigbee_linkkey: 5A6967426565416C6C69616E636XXXXX
  zigbee_childtimeout: 86400
  zigbee_networkkey: 332178E8CFF39159DDEF1A49A29XXXXX
  zigbee_meshupdateperiod: 86400

My issue is that my Hue Motion Sponsors (SML001) like this one get disconnected from time to time.

UID: zigbee:philips_sml001:62ec522f14:0017880104b76da0
label: Zigbee Hue FlurUG MotionSensor
thingTypeUID: zigbee:philips_sml001
  zigbee_macaddress: 0017880204BDDDDD
bridgeUID: zigbee:coordinator_ember:62ec522f14

As seen in the chart below this happens from time to time and not in one shot.

Anyone has an Idea what I can do better to avoid this?