Zigbee issues and slow response after update to 3.4

rpi4 2GB running from usb3 32GB pny (brand new after recent failure)
all openhabian defaults.
openhabian with latest updates as of last night.

Noticed this morning that my zigbee device (I only have one) is not showing up at all and my system seems to be really slow.

same problem

It’s hard to comment here with so little information, but if things are not showing up, then possibly the issue is not relating to the binding. If it is though, more debug information is really needed - as per the binding docs.

Same answer :wink: More information is needed.

Sorry it’s taken several days to respond - life happened. please see attached an edited log file with known non-issues (things clearly marked as being tuya or weather or other devices) removed.

zigbee log.txt (6.5 KB)

Unfortunately the log doesn’t show very much (no debugging is enabled). What it does seem to show is that the device handlers are missing for the devices, but I’ve no idea why. Potentially they have been removed from your configuration?

Turned on debug and let it run for a bit - disabled a device I know is not available and power cycled the device I’m wanting to get control of. Pulled logs thru the console and deleted the ones I knew were not related again.

zigbee log 2.txt (60.6 KB)

Will let it run so if more info is needed I can upload fresh logs.
Can the device handlers be reinstalled?

This log only runs for 4 seconds and just shows the initialisation of the dongle which looks fine. There’s nothing at all in here that shows initialisation of any things. If the things aren’t showing up in your configuration at all, then I’d say that somehow during the upgrade your configuration was lost and you will need to install them again.

my pi4 2GB and m.2 ssd stops working after 1 day (several times), I see that the cpu is going very high in the logs very often and the zigbee logs tells me that the filesystem is read only (after some time normal working).

sudo journalctl -u zigbee2mqtt.service -f

Error: EROFS: read-only file system

now I am away and I can’t login into the system via ssh

error: closed with error: end of file

it was working yesterday, at night i turned off some lights and today in the morning, I can’t connect anymore and it looks like that the whole pi crashes.

i had befor zigbee2mqtt on a different pi, now I changed it to the openhabian pi, in openhab I only use a sms gateway with a usb umts stick that is opening my gate, so it don’t need a lot of power.

I don’t really think that is related to this issue is it? If you have file system problems, then it’s unlikely to be related to zigbee…

This issue is about the zigbee binding, so if you are using zigbee2mqtt, then it’s also not related to this issue I think?

I have a backup from before the upgrade so ill just reinstall openhabian and restore the backup and see if it’s fixed. If problems persist ill post back - I didn’t lead with that option as I wanted to try and fix it (tinkerer at heart and so the solution would be in the forums for others) but I want to get it back working before I go back to work.

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This pi with openhabian was running for over a year without problems, what I did is only install zigbee2mqtt to it, since than, I had this problems

It’s probably best to start a new thread though since it is not related at all to this discussion…

for me I found out that zram is making this problems:

now it looks more stable also with zigbee2mqtt, I will test this now the next days.

i also got no sensor data for a longer time, but zigbee2mqtt was the most time running.

in my case, it was definitely zram that was making the problems.
since in installed it, openhab and zigbee2mqtt is running smooth.

I also experiencing the same behavior here after updating.
I use 3 motion Philips Hue sensors that been running without problem for years, with the bitron video stick, but since I updated, the strange behavior started.

Sometimes everything works, but some other times none of the sensors are working at all.

What I already tried is:

  • unlink all items
  • remove all sensors things
  • removed the coordinator stick
  • via karaf, force leave all remained devices
  • uninstalled Zigbee
  • cleared OH cache
  • rebooted OH
  • installed Zigbee again
  • created the bridge again with the bitron stick
  • paired all devices again with Zigbee

And still the same behavior, will gather some logging and post it here.

logZigbeeIssue.txt (29.0 KB)

Here is an example of the issue that is been going on. The start of the logging was the the first motion of one device that was idle for over 30 minutes because there was no motion. As soon as I walked by, you can see that it starts communicating but the first thing it does to the channel, is putting it to OFF but it was never set to ON so the light wasn’t triggered at all and didn’t turn on…