Zigbee light sensor / lux sensor / luminance sensor

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I am looking for a light sensor so that I can automate my roller shutter.
Preferred would be a zigbee device. I know that all the motion sensors also have light sensors, but they are rather expensive and not optimal, if you only want to measure light/lux.

The only device that I found, that should fullfil my requests, is the Xiaomi Mijia Light Sensor:

Does someone have this running with OpenHAB?


Some people use the astro binding or similar to do something based on the sun’s position above the horizon. No additional hardware needed.

I ended up building my own lux/pressure/humidity/temperature sensors for ~$5US each and I have full control of the firmware. This is a great project for kids! One of these days I’ll write up a tutorial for them, but I plan to add some form of presence detection first. Some related info…


@5iver That search link does not work.

I disagree

In Chrome, clicking on it gives an error. Opening in a new tab works.

In a new tab


I am more a software guy than a hardware guy, that’s why I am looking for a plug-n-play solution.
The astro binding can only be used to detect sunrise and sunset, as I understand it.
I want to use the light sensors to close the roller shutters 3/4, if there is direct sunlight.

So are there recommendations for a plug-n-play solution?

I have integrated three of these sensors via the zigbee2mqtt bridge, they work just fine.

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Thanks for your feedback. I also ordered 3 of these Xiaomi sensors now. I will run them with conbee stick and deconz binding (I hope this will work!).

Can you tell me/us if it works?

It works great! :slight_smile:

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Hi Bernd, did you add the light sensor via the deCONZ GUI or via the Rest API?


Hello Tom,
I have added the light sensor via the deconz GUI.

Hi Bernd,

What you show in the picture is the Phoscon GUI.

How did you get it in there?

I too tried to connect it there but without success, because Xiaomi light sensor are not supported by Phoscon App (actually).


I used the Phoscon GUI to connect the sensors. They are supported in the version that I use.

Can you try this:

Hi Bernd,

thanks a lot for the link and your screenshot, both kept me up, so I did not give up. :slight_smile:

I was on a newer version already (2.10.04) and so expected it would have to work than, but it didn’t. But because I saw in your screenshot, that it works somehow, I tried last beta version (2.11.02 / 14.3.2021) and with this beta it worked and my xiaomi light sensors have directly been found in Phoscon app.

thanks again!