Zigbee motion sensor with regular events


I would like to use a motion sensor in our hall to turn on the light for a few seconds as long as the person passes.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t find detailed information about the event interval of the different motion sensors. As in the case another person is passing 1 minute later I would like to retrieve another event, which isn’t possible if the interval is too long as e.g. with the Aqara motion sensor who sends the next event only after several minutes. In this case I would need to keep on the light for either too long or the second person would have to pass in the dark.

Is there any overview of the different sensors and it’s intervals or does someone have experience with a cheap motion sensor who triggers also in shorter intervals?


I am more familiar with Z-Wave than Zigbee devices. Some Z-Wave sensors have configuration values that could be adjusted to do that.
I have tagged the thread zigbee to get more help.

There is a way to tweak the Xaomi sensor: https://community.smartthings.com/t/making-xiaomi-motion-sensor-a-super-motion-sensor/139806/3. I never tried it myself.

Just two additional comments:

  1. It is usually okay to leave the light on just a bit longer to catch the next event.
  2. Sensor with more frequent triggering will likely have reduced battery time.
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Thanks for your answers.

Btw for testing purposes I orderd a Osram+ motion sensor and one from Samotech. Both release the ON state after 30 seconds. Way better for the usecase in the hallway.

The modification is a bit too difficult for me right now, but thanks for the link. Very interesting.